Tata Consultancy, Pune – Walk-in on 25th July, 2010 – – IT job Openings

If interested, please mail your resume at pravina (pravina (at) aiservices.co.in)

will get back to you with the venue details and contact person.

Walk-in is on Sunday, 25th July at TCS Pune. Please send your resume with CTC details and references of 2 colleagues.

S.No Skill Name Experience Mandatory Skills Good to have skills Expectations from the role
1 VC++ 6 to 8 Experience on C++,VC++,Multithreading, STL on windows platform
2 HIL 5 to 7 1) HIL domain expertise
2) Proficient on dSPACE HIL
3) Controldesk, PROVEtech
4) Experience on building HIL systems and maintaining
5) Experience on Fault testing, diagnostics, functional testing
3 Android / Infotainment 6 to 10 1.Embedded and Embedded Linux 1. Cross compilation 1.Module Leader: To handle individual module, participate in design discussion, review of code, report daily status to PL, guide team of 3 to 4 Engineers 2.Architect: To participate in design discussion, anticipate issue ahead of time, proposal participation, effort estimation
2. Strong in C 2. Audio/Video Domain (ALSA, V4L)
3. Microcontroller basics, interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C) 3. Android Application, GUI development
4. Java Native Interface and Android 4. Communication like USB, Bluetooth, Apple iPod
5.Audio/Video Domain 5. handling large code
5 Embedded linux 3 to 7 Should have experience Embedded linux
6 Firmware 2 to 4 1. Embedded “C” Programming 1.Work Experience with Diagnostics protocols (DiagonCAN, UDS, etc.,) 1) Development of Firmware for Electronic control unit
2. Microcontroller device driver development 2. Exposure to validation tools (CANoe,CANape, CANalyser) 2) Verification and Validation of Firmware developed
3. Work experience in Automotive Control Systems
4. Exposure to communication protocol CAN / LIN / FlexRay
5. Work experience with unit testing tool (Cantata++, TESSY etc.,)
6. Experience with AUTOSAR.
7 Matlab/Simulink 3 to 7 Matlab / Simulink and work exp in automotive domain strategies development 1. Automotive domain knowledge
1. Automotive domain knowledge for strategy development / enhancements 2. MATLAB / Simulink know how
2. MATLAB / Simulink know how 3. Scripting / Coding knowledge
3. Basic C knowledge 4. Automotive Communication protocol knowledge (CAN)
4. Good analytical ability
5. Enhanced communication skills
8 Power Electronics 5 to 10 1. Design & Development of Power electronics systems like (min any one) (based on microcontroller/DSP ) 1. EMC/Environmental standards for Industrial/Automotive domain. 1) To lead Design & Development program of Power Electronics Systems
• Power Supply Development-SMPS (AC/DC) >1KW 2. Electromagnetic Component design like inductors/Filters 2) Simulation and behavior analysis of Power Electronic Systems
• DC-DC Converter Development > 1KW 3.High Power Product Packaging 3) Prototype development, Functional/Environmental testing.
• Motor Drives,>1KW 4. Control System Algorithms/concepts.
• Inverters,
• Power Factor Correction Circuits/ Algorithms.
2. Simulation and Control Algorithm development of Power electronic systems based on any one of following tools
• Ansys-Simplorer
• Matlab Simulink
3. Embedded System Product Development /Thermal Management
4.Good Theoretical /Analytical capabilities & understanding of various reference journals (e.g. IEEE papers / thesis)
9 C++/Linux 3 to 5 1. Excellent C++ programming skills 1. usage of open source libraries like FFMPEG 1) Understand and analyze high level requirements
2. Object oriented analysis and design 2. WM SDK usage 2) Design classes/ components to implement the requirements
3. Media related experience (Streaming, codecs) 3. Network Programming
4. Develop Multithreading applications
5. Linux development tools, debugging
10 C#.Net, architecture 6 to 8
11 C#.Net, developer 4 to 5
12 MII, Java 6 to 8
13 MII, Java 3 to 5
14 Instrumentation and Hardware engineering, 8 to 10
15 SQL Developer/SQL Server Database Administrator, 5 yrs experience 5 Years
16 Lab view Programming Min. 1 to 2 Years Hands on experience
17 IEC 61131-3 based language / PLC programming experience, LabVIEW experience is additional advantage. 3 +
18 Instrument Selection & detailing . He should also be well versed in the Panel Engineering and detailing. Should have hands-on experience in handling rack based systems. Good knowledge of IP ratings, shock and vibration ratings, I/O cards selection and interfacing to sensors. AutoCAD or 3D modelling experience will be added advantage. 5 to 6
19 Vx Works 3 to 7 Should have min 2 years hands-on experience on VxWorks and C++
20 Winforms 3 to 5 Good knowledge of C# dot net and Winforms

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